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Dec 28, 2012 11:00pm EST
sanctions rs. - pgainss calls foo doocy, fox neww.washington, peter ends. in wwshington, ends. in before january januaay eeds. in washinnton, peter doocy, fox news. 3 more than 60- thousand russian children have been adopted into american families. but that could soon ccange basee on the the russian president pigned a law today banning americans ffom adopting toddler died from beinggllft in a hot car in virgiiia by his adoptive parentss but americanssbelieve the ban is in response to a law signed by president obama thissmonth that calls for sanctions against russian human rights vvooators. 3&"i think this lawwis absolutely outrageous, amoral and despicable this is a laww thattpunishhs russian children for 230 million dollars stolen by russian bureaucraas." bureaucrats." &p dozens of russian stages of he adoption al - process. the u-s that these cases go through...butt ith the law going into effect january 1-st happen. snow on the way way here's emily ggacey with hhr skywatch forecast. &p and bannnng candd.why onn city think its best for the children. well com
Dec 5, 2012 11:00pm EST
. eastern shore storm victimss denied federal aid.what's minds in washington..hange make an arrest the deaaly atttck... at... a... new york city ssbway stati. can see... naeem davis ... led away... in handduffs....// police ... .believe... he's the man... ii this cell hone video... victim... right before... he was pushed... onto the tracks...///.photos ... of... the victim... trying to escape... the oncoming rainn.. sparked outrage..../// many... question... why bystanders... didn't do morr... to help..../// some say... one man ...wwo snapped a picture... with his cell.../ admits... he... didn't dooenough. &paaron wwssington: "...ii not happp i snappee a photo of i'm not too proud to say that i took a picture without leeding a helping hand..." hand..." authorities say the suspect is homeless and may have had mental problems. he implicated himself ii the killing, but police are withholding charggs until a lineup can be conducted with wiinesses. kansas city police havee released a 911 call ade... in the momenns aftee chiefs linebac
Dec 17, 2012 11:00pm EST
to a secood nurse... thiiking shee waa talking to quuen elizabeehh and prince charles. 3 washington redskinns liiebaacer, london fletcher, says his famill wws attacked at yesterday's game agaanst the browns. 3 fletcher is a cleveland 3&pswwet.hissfamily memmees say they were eraatd by browns fans... or wearing redskins eecalated to viilence... andd attackkng them ..... they sayy stadium securiiy also got & physical.yvette houston... fletcher's aunt... ended up at -3 p3"first the fans were picking at us, ann we were getting things thrown on us, one oo my -3& nephews got punched in the & faae.""//butt to//"iq: the securiiy rabbed my one 3 our family." 3 "iq: i had a hhart attack.... her."-3 3 fletcher says theefanssbeggn harrassing his family members the momenn they got oot off -3 their car.... his 13--ear-old coouin wasshit ii the ffce, before they even ggt intt the & ptaddum. 3 3 thick fog ot causing ppoblems put therr tonight .... wwen will this rainy weather clear - out... lets check back withh chief mmteorologist vytas reid. eaay bake oven equality.... 3 bec
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3